16 January 2017

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam - US Diocese buys solar farm

The diocese of Vermont in the US-based Episcopal Church has acquired a solar array farm at its headquarters in Rock Point, Burlington for $269,700.

The solar cells will provide enough energy to power the diocesan offices, the Rock Point school, the Bishop Booth Conference Centre, and the bishop’s house.

Additional electricity generated by the farm will provide an annual estimated income of $40,000.

Something to think about in sunny South Australia! 

US Diocese acquires solar energy farm - ACNS

14 January 2017

Sunday 15 January 2017 - Epiphany 2

St Mary Magdalene's 
26 Moore Street 

(Moore Street runs N-S between Angas and Carrington Streets
within easy walking distance of Victoria Square)

9 a.m  Sung Mass
10.30 Solemn Mass 

During the week 
Thursdays 12 noon Angelus and Traditional Mass

There is no Tuesday Mass during January

There are also more details on 
the site 

12 January 2017

Support for people sleeping rough in extreme weather

Support is available for people sleeping rough during extreme weather. 

Call SA Homelessness Gateway on 1800 003 308. 

10 January 2017

The Christian symbol Chi Rho - not really P and X


The Chi Rho is a very old Christian symbol. It is made up of two Greek letters - the Chi (pronounced ki to rhyme with sky) and the Rho (pronounced row to rhyme with grow).

The Chi is the one that looks like an X. In the Greek alphabet it represents two letters, CH. 



The Rho is the one that looks like a P. In the Greek alphabet it is R.

Together, the letters represent CHR, the first letters of the word CHRIST.

The Chi Rho is a Christogram - a combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ.

You will see Christograms in icons and in religious buildings, clothing and furnishings.

The Chi Rho is a common symbol and because it is compact, you will see it on quite small things like a chalice, a lapel pin or a pyx (a small box for communion wafers and a terrific Scrabble word).

Keep an eye out for this symbol next time you are in St Mary Magdalene’s.

09 January 2017

Hot weather support

Vulnerable South Australians can register for a free phone service to check on their welfare during periods of hot weather.

The Red Cross Telecross REDi service is activated by the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) during periods of very hot weather.

Trained volunteers phone registered clients to check on their safety and wellbeing, and link them to further support and assistance if required.

To register
Phone the Telecross REDi service on 1800 188 071 or 8100 4510
Email telecrossredi@redcross.org.au 

More information